Why should you choose Form Commerce as your Shopware design and development agency?

Form Commerce is one of London’s leading digital design and development agencies and specialises in building Shopware websites for businesses and brands across all sectors.

Form Commerce has built up extensive knowledge providing global brands with bespoke digital stores that not only reflect the character and individuality of the business, but also provides a pedestal onto which merchants can bring their products to the forefront and encourage conversion. As an expert Shopware development agency, Form Commerce will help take your brand to the next level.

Form Commerce recognises the competitiveness of the global digital market place. We take enormous amounts of pride in the businesses we work with and want them to succeed long into the future. As such we take the time to understand every detail of that business, as well as their key performance indicators, so that we can provide them with a website that they can be proud of.

As a leading Shopware development agency, based in London, Form Commerce has worked with brands, big and small, to give them a foundation onto which they can flourish as their business goes from strength to strength. We don’t feel that web design and development is a process that ends on delivery of a shiny new website. We value forming close relationships with our clients so that as they scale up, we are there to help them at all times and ensure their store functions, as it should.

Our in-house team of eCommerce designers and developers have an enormous amount of experience working in this sector. Harnessing this experience, we are able to advise and recommend to our clients the best approach they should take heading into such a competitive world, whether that be which platform suits them best, or even which edition of that platform.

Why should you choose Shopware as an eCommerce solution?

Whilst it’s still a relatively unknown platform on the global stage, since its founding in 2000, Shopware has been gaining traction across Europe and especially in Germany. Widely regarded as one of the more simple enterprise platforms, from a development perspective, slowly but surely Shopware is catching up with its competitors.

As with most platforms Shopware has several pricing structures to suit each client, ranging from a free community version, all the way to enterprise. Our team of expert Shopware developers in London will be able to advise you on the best package for your business. This said, most customers — regardless of level — have the opportunity to benefit from the following features:

1. Shopware is Open Source

Shopware is fully open-source which allows users to extend or modify their store to their hearts content. Open source essentially means the source code that makes up the platform is accessible to developers and they can fine tune even the smallest detail in order to develop interactions and animations that will allow a website to come to life online. Ultimately, through collaboration with external developers, Shopware and all open source platforms, believe that it leads to increased quality and greater innovation.

2. Shopware is easy (er) to use compared to other platforms.

One advantage Shopware has over its competitors is that its drag and drop setup is far more simple than many others. Whilst this can become a problem down the line when trying to add more advanced features, for those less experienced in coding, Shopware’s intuitive and user friendly platform is appealing. A bi-product of this is that, at least initially, it frees you from the need to spend fortunes on expensive developers and provides you with a relatively quick option to get started. This is not to say that costs will not rise as you expand. Also this is in reference to those who want relatively simple and straightforward websites without to many custom features.

3. Shopware Storytelling

Launched in 2018, Shopware storytelling is an enterprising approach to online retail. Shopware have developed this feature to try and mimic a real world journey of a customer in a store. Through this story telling approach, customers are engaged on a personal level and guided through the store, as they would be in real life. Ultimately shopping is an emotional and personal experience and, all to often, this is subdued online. Through Shopware’s storytelling however, merchants are able to bring the personal feel of real-time shopping to a digital environment.

4. Internationalisation

Scalability is an essential element to every ambitious merchant. Shopware 5 has introduced features that support a sites international expansion. With other platforms it might be necessary to download several additional elements to handle different tax rates across the globe, or even how pages are translated and how these different page versions are stored, Shopware provides means to do this with comparatively minimal hassle.

5. Cost

Shopware operates using a one off payment system meaning whilst the first payment is quite high, in the long run you can end up saving a considerable amount of money as other platforms generally apply monthly rates to each of their different tiers. When compared to other platforms Shopware boasts that it has the lowest Cost Of Ownership. This means the cost of building and maintaining the platform is lower than every other enterprise level platform available.

The following are some core features on Shopware’s 5.2 Professional Plus tier:

  • Shopware ERP (an all encompassing management system)
  • Advanced Marketing and Promotion Suite
  • Subscription Management (Fully compliant with GDPR)
  • Advanced Cart options
  • Optimised for mobile and tablets
  • Catalogue management

Top brands using the Shopware as a platform

Outside of Europe, or even Germany, Shopware is still relative unknown in the eCommerce world. Despite this it currently has over 60,000 global brands using it as the platform to propel their store forwards.

Although it has yet to establish itself on the global stage, Shopware has some attracted pretty prominent brands in its battle to become a leading eCommerce solution. Currently most of the big names that have chosen the platform are based in mainland Europe but with its 2017 launch in the UK, Shopware is looking at expanding further afield.

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