Why should you choose Form Commerce as your Magento eCommerce agency?

As a leading Magento developer based in London, Form Commerce is a full service agency meaning we aren’t only passionate about designing and developing e-stores that give businesses the digital shop-front that they deserve, but also cover on-going hosting and maintenance.

In order to meet the high standards that our clients expect, we recognise the importance of understanding the businesses we work with to the smallest detail. In doing so we are able to characterise the brand and design and develop a website that truly reflects the ethos and personality of the business.

In ever more crowded market places, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever and by having a fully bespoke website will give you the edge over your competitors you need. When it comes to eCommerce websites the devil is in the detail and it is often the smallest touches, animations or designs that propel a store to the next level.

As a Magento design and development agency based in Shoreditch, central London, we work with clients across the world. Being sector agnostic, we join forces with businesses in fashion, lifestyle and entertainment, to name but a few. Our diverse portfolio demonstrates the flexibility that working with a platform like Magento provides.

There are many agencies that specialise in Magento 2 development so why do people choose Form Commerce as a partner to help bring their brand to life online? The answer is simple. Firstly, our in-house team of developers are all Magento certified. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, at Form Commerce we take the time to learn what our clients’ businesses are about, their objectives – both from a business and brand perspective – as well as the characters of the people who work there. With this knowledge we are able to deliver a website that not only reflects the business, but also the personalities within it.

As a leading web development agency in London, Form Commerce sets the highest standards for itself and truly takes pride in the websites that we deliver to our clients. Their success is as important to us as it is them and we strive to help them develop long into the future.

Why should you choose Magento 2 as an eCommerce solution?

Since its launch in 2007 Magento has positioned itself as a world leading eCommerce solution aimed at enterprise level businesses.

1. Completely bespoke design

Magento is a favourite with specialist website development agencies owing to the power they have to customise almost every aspect of the site. Merchants are able to completely control the look and feel of their store, as well as the content and functionality. With several different editions of the platform, there is something to suit every type of business, whether it is starting out or already an established global business.

2. Scalable eCommerce?

One of the problems with many of the alternative platforms to Magento 2 is that they are not easily scalable and when your business is flourishing and you need to step up a level, transitioning can be tricky. Magento 2 however is built for ambitious businesses that want to see their store grow (This said Magento also caters to small businesses). Adding new modules to the store is a relatively simple process on this platform and when the time comes for your store to expand, Magento will easily be able to handle it.

3. Easy Management of Data

Regardless of size, at the core of every eCommerce store is a database tracking everything from site traffic, popular pages, and route to conversions amongst many other key performance indicators. Managing this database is key to ensuring smooth running of the store and as the store grows, so does the data, and so it is essential this is managed well. Magento is a platform that allows the addition and customisation of each database module. This modular architecture around which your database is setup, helps the storeowner avoid the inevitable headache from being overburdened by incomprehensible datasheets and graphs. As experienced Magento developers, Form Commerce will be able to fully setup your store to allow for easy data tracking.

4. Powerful Caching Solutions

Especially for larger eCommerce stores it is essential to able to minimise download times in order to reduce page-loading times. It is suggested that 40% of people will leave a website if a page doesn’t load within 3 seconds so from the point of view of retaining customers and increasing conversion, site/page speed is critical. Magnento 2 uses Varnish Cache, which is considered as industry leading software, in terms of caching tools, as it enables the merchants to expand their shop or improve its functionality, without the risk of sacrificing performance or speed.

5. Magento SEO

As the world gravitates towards mobile first strategies, more pressure is being put on platforms to provide mobile friendly solutions, especially for eCommerce stores. Magento 2 caters for responsive design across all of its tiers. Additionally Magento tries to remain up-to-date with the latest SEO ranking factors; it encourages logical and clean URL structure and meta implementation options, as well as providing analytics for tracking.

At a Glance here are some of Magento’s features:

  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Options
  • API For Web Services
  • Coupon Management
  • Over 5000 Extensions
  • Built In Multi Lingual Support
  • Optimised For Mobiles And Tablets
  • SEO Features Built In
  • Customer Groups
  • Handling Shipping Charges
  • Product Bundles
  • Newsletter Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Site Management Features
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Gifts
  • Catalogue browsing
  • Catalogue management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Returns Management

Which brands use Magento as their eCommerce solution?

One of the very few drawbacks of Magento 2 is that if you want to create a site that truly brings your brand to life, it is likely that you’ll have to hire a third party to do this and ultimately this will not come cheap. However, if you want something that looks like and is robust enough to last through the evolution of your business, whilst looking stunning at the same time, then both time and money are worth investing.

One of the best ways to judge a platform is by looking at the brands and businesses that use them. Magneto has attracted some of world leading businesses. Although it does cater for startups, Magento 2 is a platform that is focused on medium, large and enterprise solutions.

The following are some a few of the brands that have selected Magento as their eCommerce platform.

mg-paul-smith mg-logo-oliver-sweeney mg-logo-agent-provocateur mg-logo-bvlgari
mg-logo-kurt-geiger mg-logo-helly-hansen mg-logo-jaguar mg-logo-land-rover
mg-logo-nespresso mg-logo-made mg-logo-everlast mg-logo-absolut
mg-logo-borough-kitchen mg-logo-the-rug-company mg-logo-the-new-craftsmen mg-logo-tangle-teezer