Shopware Storytelling

Shopware storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful sales techniques that you can use to sell online. So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular Shopware plugins bears the same name.

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at the Shopware Storytelling plugin. Including some of the best examples of how eCommerce storytelling can improve your online sales. We’ll also take a look at some other Shopware extensions that compliment this pairing.

What is the Shopware storytelling plugin?

Every great story starts with a compelling narrative. Such as the visual narrative that your customers experience as they navigate your store. Get this right, and your customers will feel captivated by the experience. Your story will then come to life and resonate with those that experience it.

The Shopware Storytelling plugin allows you to craft that visual narrative for your store using a simple drag and drop interface. From guiding customers on an individual journey to engaging with them at key moments with the right message. This personalised storytelling approach encourages customers to develop an authentic connection with your brand.

Shopware Storytelling also aims to echo the experience of exploring a physical store. For example, that unforgettable moment when you fall in love with a product and cannot be without it. Storytelling is capable of transferring that emotional experience into an online scenario. Suddenly you’re no longer just describing a product. You’re helping the customer visualise exactly how it would feel to own the product for real.

Why is the Shopware Storytelling plugin so successful?

The success of the Shopware Storytelling plugin is thanks to one of its best features. The ability to discover details of any items connected with a product using a single click or touch. This provides a much more enjoyable buying experience for the customer. It also enhances their user experience which in turn improves customer engagement.

Known as Shopware Shopping Worlds this feature allows you to create a scenario for your products or brand. This can involve various visual elements, such as images, videos and banners. These scenarios then form the basis of your memorable narrative that we covered earlier.

Existing storytelling customers often report considerable improvements in their on-page metrics thanks to the plugin. This includes increased time spent on the page and decreases in bounce rates. This is most noticeable on dedicated landing pages versus product or category pages. Some users even report that their storytelling landing pages also receive higher rankings on Google.

Main benefits of using Storytelling

  • Visually present the purpose of your brand
  • Create an emotional connection between your customers and your brand
  • Improve personal interaction with your customers
  • Bring your products or services to life with a compelling narrative
  • Foster a truly memorable shopping experience
  • Provide an omnichannel experience for everyone regardless of device

Best examples of websites using Storytelling

The following webpage examples show how the Shopware Storytelling plugin can enhance the customer’s experience. From presenting products and services to highlighting a brand’s history and philosophy.

Ames Vibrant Living

You only have to take one brief look at Ames Vibrant Living to understand how storytelling works for them. Items from their furniture collection and accessories range are displayed in realistic scenarios. This is in contrast to the way most stores present their products on white backgrounds. This brings the product range to life, enabling the customer to visualise the purpose and value behind each item.


This former embroidery shop has evolved into an international store for fashionable ski-wear. The brand is very proud of their journey and they use visual storytelling to share it. You can discover the details of this journey in step by step stages on their Our World page. And to a greater visual extent in their History page.

Holz Leute

You don’t need to be fluent in German to recognise the quality of Holz Leute’s handmade wooden designs. Take their kitchen utensils page as an example. This page pairs their uniquely designed products with high-quality images of fresh ingredients. You can almost imagine how these items would look in your own kitchen. Especially when the click of a button is all that’s needed to reveal the finer details of each product.


This luxury watchmaker uses storytelling to great effect on their My Watch. My composition page. As a visitor, you are taken on a visual journey through the custom-made process employed by German master craftsman. You’re then invited to start your own composition with a click of a button. This approach pulls you into the idea of being personally involved in the product. Which in most cases means that you’re far more likely to buy it.

Shopware extensions that compliment Storytelling

There are several extensions that can be used in conjunction with the Storytelling plugin to improve the personalisation of your store. This includes:

Custom Products

If you offer personalised products, then the Custom Products extension is an absolute must-have. You can give your customers the ability to individualise your products directly from the frontend of your store. This can be anything from adding a slogan, date or a name. All of which can be explained using friendly step-by-step instructions for your customers to follow.

Shopping Advisor

The Shopping Advisor extension allows you to advertise products that fit your customer’s desires. This is achieved by asking your customers a series of questions to understand their preferences. This information is then used to guide your customers towards the products that match their needs. This cuts down on the need to browse or search by bringing the right products directly to the customer.

Smart Search

It’s easy for a customer to misspell a product name or search for an item using a poorly formatted phrase. When this happens, your customer may not have the patience to refine their search and could end up shopping elsewhere. With the Smart Search extension, you can predict the search intent of your customers and guide them towards the correct product. This takes the headache out of searching online, and your customers will thank you for it.

Are you ready to embrace the power of Storytelling?

The world of e-commerce is ever changing. Sometimes the best story to tell is the one that describes the journey of your brand. Other times it’s the story of how your products and services resonate on a personal level with your customers. It’s up to you to decide which story you want to tell today. Just make sure its a good one.

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